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Andrew Guthmiller | Owner/Founder

Andrew Guthmill - Owner/Founder Since 2008, Andrew Guthmiller has been selling cars. He started out at a local Minnesota car dealership, building relationships and learning the trade. He worked his way up to become the sales manager, finance and insurance (F&I) manager, and finally the new car sales manager. After watching the struggles clients went through daily to get a good deal, Andrew decided to leave the dealership and start helping clients find the perfect car from anywhere.

Since 2017, Andrew has proven that the concept of buying the perfect vehicle online with the help of a professional can work, and work well. Clients save time, stress, anxiety, money, and the headache of sitting in a car dealership all day.

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Personal Life

Growing up on a farm in rural South Dakota, in a town with a population of 500, Andrew learned the lessons of hard work quickly. He worked tirelessly on his parents cattle farm, which they still own, with his younger brother and younger sister. As the oldest child, Andrew took on a lot of responsibilities at the home farm. He learned about hard work, ethics, helping others, and how important community is in the daily struggles of life.

Andrew now lives in Minnesota with his young family. He married in 2014. His wife is the director of operations for a medical group, and they have two children.

Growing up, Andrew was a percussionist in his high school. He has a side gig as the assistant director and drumline instructor for a local high school marching band. Andrew loves staying involved in the community and music, so teaching and accompanying the band on summer parades is a great experience for him.

Why Car Concierge

Since 2017, people have been getting great deals and saving tons of time through Car Concierge. Every day, Andrew is talking to clients on the phone, through text and email to find out exactly what they need. He takes the info and shops around to dealerships across the clients area - or across the nation, if the vehicle is rare enough - and negotiates the pricing on the phone with the dealer.

We Fight For You

“I was helping a client cancel his extended warranty. The dealership wanted the client to drive to them to fill out a form, but I knew they could easily mail it,” Andrew said.

“It took a week of fighting them on the phone, but they eventually caved, saving the client a 3-hour round trip.” The client didn’t know about all of the phone calls, they just loved the time and effort Andrew saved them.

We Protect You

“Bruce C. called because he felt he may be getting screwed by his dealer. He needed the price verified on a vehicle he just purchased. I found that the dealer was really price gouging him, and they wouldn’t budge at all,” Andrew said.

“I found the same car elsewhere, within driving distance, and saved him $9,500 over the original dealer.” You can read Bruce’s online review here.

We Advise You

“A previous client contacted me. Their dad, in New York state, needed a car. The dad wanted a Mazda (which doesn’t have AWD), but he lived in a rough geographic area and in fact the nearest Mazda dealership was a 1.5-hour drive away,” Andrew said.

“I found a Subaru dealer - AWD vehicles - near his home, at nearly the same price point as the Mazda he wanted. The Subaru dealership had a nice service department, very near the house for the dad. He ended up very happy with the Subaru and the AWD feature.” Sometimes it’s not about finding what the client thinks they want, but advising them on the perfect vehicle for their situation.

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If you’re tired of the hassle of going from dealer to dealer trying to find the perfect vehicle, let Car Concierge help. Contact us today to spend less time buying a vehicle and more time enjoying it!