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How To Avoid Negotiating For A New Car

If you don’t want to spend an entire day or weeks battling a new car dealer for the best price, there are plenty of ways to buy a car without negotiating, with varying amounts of effort. In fact, 80% of people dislike the new car negotiation process.

Some services will negotiate for you, while others will offer set prices from dealers. Just be careful, because set prices aren’t automatically a good deal.

Here are a few ways you can avoid negotiating for a new car!

Use A Concierge (Like Car Concierge)

A concierge for new cars typically takes care of everything.

At Car Concierge, we start by interviewing you about what you want, and then find your perfect new car. We’ll negotiate the price with the dealer to your satisfaction. We’ll find your vehicle, anywhere in the U.S. We can even have the car and paperwork delivered to you, or you just stop by the dealer for a few minutes to sign paperwork and take your new car home.

Check Out Online Stores

Most online car-buying sites, like Carvana or Vroom, offer no-haggle pricing on used cars. But, these services likely don’t deliver to where you live.

But you can still search their inventory, set up financing and buy a vehicle online to be picked up or (possibly) delivered to you.

Search AAA

Some membership groups, like AAA, have relationships with dealers and can offer members preset car prices with guaranteed savings. Other similar services may be offered by a credit union, Sam’s Club and more.

Each service varies, but generally you can use their online search to find a new car, and they’ll provide it at a fixed price at a dealership in their network. The dealership may or may not be near you, and the price may or may not be fair, but it can be done.

Now you have a number of services above you can investigate, but remember, only one of these three are on your side – Car Concierge! We have a wide-ranging network of contacts, and will do the research to find exactly what you’re looking for, fairly, anywhere in the nation.