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No More Games: Cut Through Car Dealership Confusion

Dealerships can be hard places to convince yourself to go. Nearly everyone has had at least one “bad” car dealership experience. While many car dealerships are stand-up places, there will always be some dealers or sales staff members who won’t be forthcoming and try to get you to agree to something you don’t want.

Car Concierge is here to make things easy for you. Get in touch if you’re ready to buy a car in a whole new way.

Aggressive Salespeople

You may hear some not-so-truthful things come from your salesperson as they try to convince you to purchase a vehicle. They may say:

  • “You won’t find a cheaper price anywhere.“
  • “If we don’t beat the competitor’s price, we’ll give you $500.”
  • “If you come back tomorrow, I can’t promise you’ll get this same price.”
  • “Two other buyers are looking at this same car.”

These lines may or may not be true, but they’re engineered to either keep you talking or get you to accept a deal.

With Car Concierge, you won’t have to deal with any psychological games. You’ll be twice removed from the dealership and salespeople at all times, until it comes time to actually sign the agreed upon paperwork and pick up your new vehicle.

Difficult Math

When you’re sitting in a car dealership or taking a test drive, it can be hard to concentrate on the numbers which truly matter to you. The salesperson may prefer to talk about monthly payments, but truly the total price of the vehicle, interest, fees and registration are what matters most in the end.

While most car dealerships aren’t out to get you, they are out to make a profit, and that means adjusting the way things are presented to potential buyers.

By working with Car Concierge, you can’t be influenced by the presentation – you’ll have plenty of time to look the numbers over in the comfort of your own home, while the dealership waits for a reply.

Take It Easy

Don’t worry about a thing. Car Concierge will find out exactly what you’re looking for and find you the best deal. Any brand you need, anywhere in the country, we’ll take care of all of the negotiating, from start to finish. Just show up at the end to sign and drive.