We’re breaking all the rules and changing the new car buying process so you can find the car of your dreams with less work, in less time and for less money! Fill out our contact form to get in touch with a personal shopper from Car Concierge car buying service. Let us do the negotiating for you.

1. Negotiating Is Terrible

Everyone has at least one car negotiation horror story. For some people this may have been their only negotiating experience, for others it might have been far in the past. No matter how much you negotiate, most people dislike the process. And, generally speaking, car dealerships have much more experience at getting what they want than you do.

With Car Concierge, you won’t have to do any negotiating. Our car buying service will handle it all, from beginning to end. Once we’ve hit the price you’re looking for, we’ll report back to you for approval. Easy.

2. Finding The Perfect Car Is Tough

Whether you have something specific in mind or just have a few needs to fulfill, Car Concierge can get the perfect car for your. Our car buying service has a huge network available. We’ll scour your entire area, and even the nation if you want, to find the exact car to satisfy your needs.

3. Save Time

How much time did you put into your last car search? 5 hours? 10 hours? A study in 2017 shows that the average car buyer spends nearly 15 hours shopping for a vehicle, both online and at the dealership. That’s a ton of time!

And you know this time is prime time – nights and weekends. Instead of car shopping, you could spend your time with family or out with friends.

4. Save Money

Speaking of those 15 hours shopping for a vehicle, if you make $30/hour, that’s $450 before taxes! That’s a huge savings already.

The biggest savings will come when Car Concierge’s car buying service does the negotiation for you. We can generally save you money on the lease or cost, as well as the interest rates and any bank fees.

Get in touch today to have us do the hard work for you.